Palo Santo Cleansing Bundle
Palo Santo Cleansing Bundle Palo Santo Cleansing Bundle
$ 6.00

Palo santo is a sacred wood, found in South America. The wood is carefully burned on the end like a sage bundle and the smoke is used to cleanse your environment and eliminate negativity. With a calming, natural fragrance, palo santo can be used in your home or office to awaken your spirit. Palo santo sticks may be used a number of times per stick. Each set will come with a different cotton fabric tie. If you are interested in a specific fabric shown, please specify in checkout. 

To safely use: 

1. Burn one end of palo santo stick. 

2. Keep lit for 10-30 seconds.

3. Carefully blow flame out and let smoke. 

4. Move stick around your environment or place in shell or incense holder. 

5. Put end out before leaving alone by carefully putting lit end out in shell or incense holder.