Coral Cuff Bracelet
Coral Cuff Bracelet Coral Cuff Bracelet
$ 40.00

This is a brass cuff bracelet with wire wrapped pink coral beads. The bracelet is adjustable, so it can fit to most sizes. I chose to use a light pink because I think it stands out against the brass and makes the coral really shine. The bracelet will look great with other light colored bracelets or cuffs. I would wear this bracelet in the spring and summer because of the light color. It is so versatile and classic that it can be worn for many years.

Spring/Summer colors to mix and match: pink, coral, turquoise, white, yellow

How to wear in spring/summer: The pink color of this coral is soft, so I would pair it with another soft color, like a light pink or yellow. This bracelet would look perfect with a light yellow dress or even a floral dress. It does have a bohemian feel to it, so the dress or outfit should be more on the bohemian side. I think this bracelet would look great with other light colored bracelets to really stand out.

Length: 3” wide and adjustable


Pink Coral

Origins: Canary Islands, Australia, Japan

Properties: overcoming emotions