My name is Cessa and I am the designer of Bency Co. Jewelry. I have been handcrafting jewelry for over 20 years. When I was a child, my mom brought me beads back from her vacations with my dad. She made jewelry when she was in college and taught me her skills. She took me to her favorite bead stores when she was growing up, yes, they are still there! She taught me different techniques so I could make necklaces and bracelets. From that point on, I was hooked. My mom then taught me how to calculate the cost of my pieces, so I would learn everyday math skills.

    I went on to selling jewelry to parents at my high school. Before college, I set up shop at my local farmers' market and was invited to participate in local art festivals. Since then, I have sold jewelry across the country to personal clients, stores and celebrities. To this day, my mom looks at every piece of jewelry I make before anyone else sees it. 

    What I love most about making jewelry is starting from the inspiration of one bead to the creation of something special. I love finding a bead and imagining the possibilities that can be made from that single piece. It is so rewarding to see people enjoy my work and use the piece of jewelry to accessorize an outfit and create their personal style. 

    Every piece of jewelry makes a statement and creates a look. That's why I love to make jewelry for every type of offer something unique to every woman. 

    For custom orders and wholesale inquiries, please email: